Watch My Chops is a specialist reward based dog training company, and we know from our own experience that different dog breeds have different needs. Temperaments can vary considerably depending on the type of dog you own, but we always provide tailored advice to match your dog’s individual...

We understand not everyone has the time to commit to a course of dog training, or maybe your pooch doesn't suit a class environement, which is why we offer one-2-one sessions in the comfort of your own home across Northamptonshire and South Leicestershire. You'll get the best training there is...

We are a reward based dog training company using the clicker training technique, offering you the best proven training there is, not only for your dog, but also giving you as dog owners the best chance of success. This enables you to build a strong positive relationship up with your dog. Our...

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Recent One-2-One Experiences

Here are some of our most recent one-2-one dog training experiences, which describes why Watch my Chops Dog Training were contacted, and how we helped.

Training First Time Dog Owners
Derrick(Labrador) - November 2016
Helping a Dog Cope Better with Strangers
Luna (Labradoodle) - October 2016
Helping Explain Dog Nutrition to a Pug Mum
Oscar (Pug) - October 2016

Latest Blog Post

Posted 29 Jul 2018 - 15:02
Blog Author: Liliana
Using Dog Toys for Mental Stimulation A dog’s mind needs exercising just as much as its body. A bored, unstimulated animal can create havoc in a very short space of time: garden plants dug up, slippers and shoes chewed, newspaper shredded, incessant barking or whining, and even claw marks gouged into walls and doors. Of course, not all dogs do this; younger animals and high energy or working breeds, such as border collies and springer spaniels, are more prone to such behaviour but any pet dog needs mental exercise to help ensure he lives a fulfilled and happy life. Dogs are born with the... + continue reading

Customer Reviews

We know how important is it to ensure your lovely pooch is in the best hands around, and reviews are one way to provide this confidence. Check out more reviews from our clients and their pooches here.

Puppy Classes - Excellent!
Sally & Jess

Puppy Classes - Excellent!

Having an "enthusiastic" spaniel puppy meant puppy classes were a must for us. Not only were Lili's classes great fun, but we both learnt so much, and have a better behaved dog because of her. Lili's patience and humour were much appreciated when things were not going to plan. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone.

Professional & Fun Dog Training
Sabina Davies

Professional & Fun

Sonny (my re-homed Jack Russell) and I had a one-to-one training session with Liliana as Sonny is anxious around other dogs. Working with Liliana was great fun for both Sonny and I! We learnt a lot and Liliana has left us with things to practise in our training sessions at home. Liliana is most professional in her approach and we immediately felt at ease with her. I would recommend her to anyone who needs advice on training their dog or help with their dog's less desirable habits!

One Happy Greek Boy
Joolz & Kate

One Happy Greek Boy

Liliana had a 1-2-1 session with our rescued Greek puppy. Within 40 minutes he had already grasped "sit". Liliana was so patient with him ( and us) and is clearly totally competent in her training skills, has exceptional knowledgeable, and quite obviously has a passion for animals. We were so impressed that we signed up for a 5 week classes course with Watch My Chops. Go on give it a go, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Liliana, all three of us are glad we found you !

Liliana is a Fantastic Dog Trainer
Steven Miller

Liliana is a Fantastic Teacher

Couldn't recommend this course (adult beginners) more, Liliana is a fantastic teacher. Training our re-homed chihuahua has not only proved useful, it has also helped build up a bond of trust between dog and owner. My main reason for attending the course was to help socialise Wilhelm - he can be very nervous and stressed around other dogs. Over the weeks of training, in combination with group dog walks with friends, he has showed major improvement. There's still work to do but he's getting there.