Dog Blog

Posted 11 May 2018 - 09:58
Blog Author: Liliana
Training is an essential part of responsible dog ownership. It is also a great way to bond with your pet while also ensuring that he or she receives adequate mental stimulation. Some owners will manage to train their dogs themselves, but most people benefit from the help, support and general camaraderie of classes. At the beginning of your puppy’s life with you, classes focus mostly on socialisation. As your pet grows and matures, it becomes time to think about choosing one of the many available obedience classes for dogs. Compare the available options However, finding the right canine... + continue reading
What Makes a Good Dog Trainer?
Posted 17 Mar 2018 - 08:55
Blog Author: Liliana
What makes a dog trainer? Have you recently brought home a puppy or recently welcomed a rescue dog into your family? Either way, you’ll want to give your new pet the very best chance of a healthy, happy life. Alternatively, you might be thinking about a longer-standing canine member of the family, who isn’t as well-behaved or responsive as you’d like, or whose training seems to have plateaued. Whatever your circumstances, if you’re reading this, the chances are that you’re considering looking for a dog trainer or behaviourist.   Who is a dog trainer or behaviourist? The answer... + continue reading
Starting life with a puppy or rescue dog
Posted 23 Feb 2018 - 08:21
Blog Author: Liliana
So, you got yourself a new puppy in your life, or decided to give a shelter dog a forever home. What to do now? How to start with a new puppy Let’s start with the pups. As a dog obedience trainer I often get asked what the best time is to start training a pup, and my answer is always the same, as soon as possible. Of course, you cannot take a not fully vaccinated pup to obedience training classes, but you can certainly start at home with the basics. Make sure you give them time to settle in their new home, before you start training, after all, it is quite daunting to leave mum and litter... + continue reading
Obedience Dog Training for Dogs
Posted 19 Jan 2018 - 18:55
Blog Author: Liliana
Should We Use the Word 'Obedience' in Dog Training? More often than not, when people enquire about our dog training business, they mention the word ‘obedience’ classes or training for dogs. Whilst I totally understand where they are coming from, most often than not, because that is all they have heard, it is a word that I would love not to be used in this context. Why? Well simply because the word ‘obedience’ implies some sort of dictatorship. If you look at definition in a psychological context it states: “Obedience is compliance with commands given by an authority figure.” You will do... + continue reading
Dog Blog - hat is your favourite breed of dog?
Posted 12 Nov 2017 - 13:25
Blog Author: sharberd
Probably two of the most popular dog breeds in the UK are without a doubt are Labradors, followed quite closely by Golden Retrievers. Both these dog breeds have a big potential for being pets and/or working dogs, if well-bred and well trained. The Labradors and Golden Retrivers have fabulous temperaments, they are good looking, very friendly, wonderfully social dogs. However, like we always say, this is down to both good breeding and dog training, in a reward based, force-free manner. Is obedience valid in today's world? I don’t agree with the term of ‘obedience’ and in fact, never use... + continue reading