Dog Training UK, Cutting Through the Jargon

Dog Training UK, Cutting Through the Jargon

We are Watch my Chops Dog Training and run dog training courses in Northamptonshire, UK. We also cover South Leicestershire, for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds including Golden Retrievers.  

Cutting Through the Jargon

Whilst many people still call dog training ‘obedience’ classes, here at Watch my Chops, we prefer the term ‘manners’.

Obedience implies that the dog has to ‘obey’ which sounds completely dictatorial and totally unnecessary. Just like when you have a child and you want him or her to be polite and have manners, that is what we also focus on with our dogs. The same applies in the jargon of dog training when so many old fashion trainers still use the word ‘command’ to make the dog do something. I emphasise on the word the ‘make’, because modern, up to date, force-free, trainers use the work ‘cue’ and ask the dog to do something for you, rather than ‘make’ the dog do something for you. This idea to have to be some sort of dictator makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and moreover, makes me think that the dog has to do it, as if it was some sort of threat with nasty consequences if not. Basically doing it out of fear. The key element to successful training is to have a wonderful relationship with your best friend, based on trust and mutual respect.

Dog Training Golden Retrievers UK

With so many cross breeds being so very popular at the moment, it is quite difficult for a trainer to determine specific traits of a breed. Of course, the training process is the same in terms of science, but it is also true that pure breeds have got specific traits and this can sometimes help. Let’s take a look at Golden Retrievers for example. One of my favourite breeds on so many different levels. From a physical aspect, it is a beautiful looking dog and if well bred, very healthy and of a very biddable temperament. However, from a practical perspective, they are big dogs, love mud/water and moult quite a lot. So, if you are very house proud, you might want to think again, before taking one of these guys on.

From the health perspective, hip and elbow dysplasia can be quite common with this breed, and breeders should always the potential mum and dad, hips and elbows scored before breeding from them. Sadly, it is not always the case, and some unscrupulous breeders out there seem to only care about the money, rather than the health and temperament of the dogs. This applies to all breeds. Back to the Golden Retriever; these guys are extremely easy to train but at the same time have a very cheeky personality and makes working with them even more fun. I have worked with many Goldies, and it has always been a pleasure and so much fun. You most certainly need a good sense of humour when you share your life with a Golden Retriever! They also make amazing working dogs.

Due to their steady temperament, they are big favourites when visiting schools, care homes and hospitals. However, just like with any other dogs, early training is a must to be able to channel their energy in the right way, and have a lovely, well behaved and healthy dog. 

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