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Dog shows should be fun, shouldn't they?
Posted 31 Aug 2015 - 16:35
Blog Author: Liliana
As a clicker trainer, and being so passionate about educating owners about it, you surround yourself with everything to do with reward based training, videos, articles, books, and anything you can get your hands on. All of your clients get taught clicker training, and the fantastic impact it has, not only on training, but on the relationship with their dog. You are in your own little bubble and despite knowing how many trainers still use harsh methods in training, you sort of forget about it. A Fun Dog Show? This is what happened to me until the other day, when on a day off, I decided to... + continue reading
What is flooding in the dog world, and why it is bad blog article
Posted 30 Jun 2015 - 16:43
Blog Author: Liliana
Far too many old fashioned trainer still use this method to the detriment of dogs. So, what is flooding? The idea behind flooding is to ‘cure’ an animal or person of their phobias. It is needless to say that in my eyes, this is just cruel, non-effective and psychologically damaging to the dog. Flooding is the action of exposing the dog to what triggers his emotional response. Let me give you an example: if your dog is afraid, uncomfortable or aggressive to other dogs, you would put him/her in an enclose environment with as many dogs as possible. Somehow the idea behind this is, that by... + continue reading
My Dog Needs Space
Posted 5 Jun 2015 - 16:45
Blog Author: Liliana
Far more people than we think have dogs that don’t like other dogs approaching them (worried dogs, reactive dogs, old/ill dogs), and to be fair and we think a little about it, it makes a lot of sense. How would a lot of us feel if you had just met someone new and that person came so close to you that you would feel extremely uncomfortable? Wouldn’t you feel obliged to say: ‘I am sorry, but would you mind stepping back a bit, and respect my personal space?’ It's No Different For Dogs Well, it is very much the same in the dog’s world. Some dogs will tolerate a dog approaching them, but a... + continue reading
A dog training experience to share
Posted 2 May 2015 - 16:43
Blog Author: Liliana
Driving through Desborough in Northamptonshire last week, I spotted a dog running along the pavement. I managed to stop by the side of the road. My first thought was that this poor dog was going to get run over. I always carry a slim lead a some treats for such eventualities. The dog, a very friendly Staffie was wearing collar and tags attached to its collar, so I guessed be had escaped from a garden. I gently talked to him and he came towards me straight away. The plan was to put the slip lead on him for his own safety and then contact the dog warden. As I was about to do so, a man appeared... + continue reading
Posted 1 Apr 2015 - 15:02
Blog Author: Liliana
I thought that it would be very useful for dog owners to know a little more on stress/anxiety in dogs, how to recognise the signs and what to do to help out when they occur. Whilst a certain amount of stress is acceptable to keep the fight-flight response in human and dogs to be under, constant stress however, can become too much to handle and lead to issues, some of which we will mention further on. How to Recognise Stress in Dogs? Rapid panting when not hot or out of breath Lack of focus Sweaty paws Excessive, sudden hair loss Yawning (more intense than... + continue reading