Dog Training Classes

Junior / Adult Beginners

Junior/Adult Dog Training in Northamptonshire

  • >This is a 6 week course (45 mins per session
  • These classes are for pups and dogs over 21 weeks of age who haven’t attended training classesKaren Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner

These classes are taught with the Karen Pryor Academy Curriculum which is not only unique, but is also a lot of fun and will achieve your dog’s full potential.

These classes have a maximum of six dogs, in order for all owners and pooches to get all the attention they deserve.

What Will I Learn?

Week One

Week one is orientation evening and it is an owners only evening. Please, leave your dog at home. This will help us break the ice and get to know each other without trying to handle the dog at the same time. You will learn all the skills you need to then put  them into practice throughout the course (clicker mechanical skills by playing games, learning the different training techniques, introduction to TAGteach and much more)

Week Two Onwards

During the rest of the course you will learn the foundations skills of clicker training (targeting, go to mat, settle,), as well as useful behaviours such as sit, down, loose lead walking, recall, stay, etc) You will also be given a taster of TD Rally, which is a fun obedience dog sport, aimed at pet owners, should you wish to take on this great activity with your pooch.

These are basic cues that are important to be learnt for the day-to-day life with your dog. We will also have Q & A questions each week to make sure that there is nothing worrying you.