Dog Training Classes

Puppy Pre-School

Puppy Pre-School in Kettering

  • This is a four week course (45 mins per session)
  • Suitable for puppies 16 weeks or youngerKaren Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner

We are really excited to be starting our puppy pre-school training in Kettering which takes place at the Jollyes Pet Superstore.

What Will I Learn?

This four week puppy pre-school course is a mixture of talks on general issues of puppyhood, basic practical force free training, as well, as well as the chance for them to socialise with other pups. All of this combined, will help you understand your puppy better, and have a fantastic relationship with him/her, based on trust and mutual respect.

You and your pup will have the opportunity to learn and ask questions about puppy issues such as toilet training, nipping, we will give you tips on out to handle certain behaviours, as well as how to read stress in dogs. Your puppies will also have the opportunity to socialise in a controlled environment. Finally, you will be taught a couple of basic behaviours, using up to date, force-free, reward based training methods in a fun, relaxed but professional way.