Dog Training Classes

Rally-FrEe Fun Dog Training Sport

Rally-FrEe Fun Dog Training in Great Oakley, Corby, Northamptonshire

  • This is a six week course (45 mins per session)
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages (novice / pro-novice)
  • Dogs attending this course must be sociable

We are very excited to be launching this brand-new sport, all the way from the States.

So, what is Rally-FrEe?

In a nut shell, Rally-FrEe is a brand new amateur canine performance sport that combines the structure of Rally-Obedience with the creativity of Canine Musical Freestyle. Rally-FrEe emphasizes the precise execution of fundamental freestyle and obedience skills, as well as novel behaviours. Rally-FrEe encourages and supports the use of positive-reinforcement training methods that strengthens teamwork and fosters a reciprocal learning process between dog and handler. The main aim of Rally-FrEe is for all dogs and their human parents to enjoy participating in this unique sport.