Dog Training Classes

Talking Dogs Rally Beginners

TD Rally - beginners - in Northamptonshire

  • This is a 5 week course (45 mins per session)
  • These classes are for pups and dogs of any age with basic training (sit,down, come, loose lead walking and stand)Affiliated member of Talking Dogs Rally

What Will I Learn?

Whether it is because you want to sample a weekly dog training activity with your beloved pooch, or because you fancy competing in a fun dog sport, this is the course for you.

The first step when attending our TD Rally level 1 beginners course will be to teach you how to perform each exercise of the many different rally signs, known as stations. In order to be able to understand stations and rules, the first session will be without your pooch. This is important because in order to be able to teach your dog, you have to understand and perform the stations yourself.

We will then move onto linking some of these stations together in order for you to perform a simple TD Rally course.

After having completed this course, you can continue and progress this sport as a weekly activity by joining our ‘ongoing TD Rally’.

This course is full of fun and excitement, TD Rally will have you hooked in no time.