Dog Training Classes

Talking Dogs Rally Improvers

TD Rally - improvers - in Northamptonshire

  • This is a 5 week course (45 mins per session)
  • These classes are for pups and dogs of any age that have completed a TD Rally level 1 beginners course or have experience with this fun sport

    Affiliated members of TD Rally

What Will I Learn?

During these sessions, we will carry on practicing and improving the accuracy of our Level 1 stations as well as incorporate some level 2 and 3 stations, in order for you and your dog to perform harder stations and face new challenges.

These classes are a lot of fun, kept small (maximum of 6 dogs) for dog and handler to be able to perform stations several times during our 45 minutes sessions, as well as ask questions.

As well as strengthening the bond between you and your pooch, it keeps the basics of training fresh, and you also get to meet new people and pooches.

If you decided to give ‘competing’ a try, we would guide and support you throughout.