Recent One-2-One Experiences

Training First Time Dog Owners
Derrick(Labrador) - November 2016
Helping a Dog Cope Better with Strangers
Luna (Labradoodle) - October 2016
Helping Explain Dog Nutrition to a Pug Mum
Oscar (Pug) - October 2016
Training to Become a PAT Dog
Daisy (Golden Retriever) - August 2016
Puppy Springer Spaniel Training
Sky (Springer Spaniel) - August 2016
Teaching Dogs Advanced Skills
Buttons (Cocker Spaniel) - June 2016
Basic Training for an Adopted Dog
Bletchley (Terrier Cross) - May 2016
How Targeting Can Help with Recalling a Dog
Tilly (Malinois) - April 2016
How to Build Up Confidence of a Rescue Dog
Esme (Yorkshire Terrier) - April 2016