Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a number of questions that we have been asked over the past few months. If you don;t find your questions answered here please do contact us via our contact us form or by calling Liliana on 01536 746333.

You can contact Watch my Chops Dog Training either using our contact form on our website or my calling Liliana on 01536 746333.
You can either book via our website by selecting the class you are interested in, selecting 'more' and then 'add to cart' or by phoning us on 01536 746333. Please note that you do not require a Paypal account in order to book.
You can join the puppy classes as long as your pooch is not older than 20 weeks. If you want to brush up on your basic obedience, then why not join our adult beginners. Finally, if you fancy trying TD Rally, the fun obedience sport, then come along to our TD Rally classes. Please note that all dogs need to be fully vaccinated in order to attend any of our classes.
Most people and dogs enjoy coming to classes, however some nervous and anxious dogs might be better off having one to one sessions in order to learn the basics. A very stressed dog is not able to learn in a class environment and it might be kinder not to bring him. Some dogs will never feel comfortable in class environment and by forcing a dog to attend; you could make things worse for him/her which wouldn’t be fair.
We only use force-free methods and this is something we strongly believe in. All our methods are scientifically based and use the way dogs learn in order to train them. We do not believe in harsh training techniques or equipment, but in building a great relationship with your best friend.
We use treats for training and this doesn’t mean that we are bribing the dog. After all, would you to work just for fun? I know most of us wouldn’t. As your pooch becomes more confident in what you are asking him to do, you can reward him/her at bigger intervals and eventually reward with praise. Always good to carry some treats with you, after all remember that you always have to be more interesting to your dog than all these wonderful smells and distractions out there.
Whilst part of your dog’s dinner (if he is on dry food) tends to be fine for training at home where there are less distractions on a day to day basis (and to make sure your pooch doesn’t put weight on), for classes purposes hot dogs, mild cheese and/or chicken are great. Basically anything that will make your dog think that he has won the lottery. Please note that the treats can be as small as the size of a pea. It is not about quantity but quality.
Make sure your dog wears a flat collar or a harness and a fair length nylon (or similar) lead. Most important of all, don’t forget to bring some tasty treats.
We use the Royal Mail prices are our guide, however we do not make any profit on our delivery charges. So if these decrease with Royal Mail, we will also decrease them on our website. Unlike some other websites our delivery charges are fixed, so that no matter how many items you have in your basket you will have one clear delivery price. Also remember that we provide free delivery on orders over £20.