The Company of Animals

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The Company of Animals was founded in 1979 by a now world renowed animal psychologist, and is based on a 100 acre working farm in Surrey.

Their belief is that all products they offer must improve the wellbeing of pets, and assisting their owners.

Tuffy Junior Odd Ball

This Tuffy Junior Odd Ball is made using 4 layers of different materials and is filled with non-toxic fibre. To make this toy extra strong the materials are then sewn together using up tp 7 rows of cross stitching, and bound up in a protective bounding, making this a toy for even the most persistant chewer.

The Tuffy Junior Odd Ball not only floats, but squeaks too!

  • Size - xxcms x xx cms

Clix Treat Bag

This treat bag is very practical and has been designed with many useful features:

  • Wide opening - allows for quick and easy access to your dog treats
  • Drawstring closure - ensures that it is rain and dog thief proof!
  • Seperate zipped compartment - for personal items
  • Specifically designed holders - to hold other training devices such as clickers and whistles
  • Clip or belt loop fittings - for easy attachment

Clix 10m Recall Line

This 10m recall long line allows dogs to feel free, yet under the control of the owner, which provides security for the owner and freedom for your dog.

This is an ideal training aid to help allow for controlled socialisation with puppies and young dogs.

The recall long line is made from soft padded webbing making it comfortable to hold.


Training Lead - 2m

This useful dog training aids come with 8 versatile functions and is super soft.

Length 2m and width 25mm

  • Short lead for heel training or normal walking
  • Medium lead for obedience training
  • Long lead for recall or distance work
  • Two dogs can be attached to this lead