Basic Training for an Adopted Dog

Bletchley (Terrier Cross) - May 2016
Basic Training for an Adopted Dog

Why We Were Contacted?

Emma and Dan contacted us for a series of one 2 one sessions with their 7 months old Terrier Cross called Bletchley, who they had recently adopted from a shelter and who needed some basic training.

How We Helped

As soon as I met Bletchley, I knew that this little smart Terrier had a lot of potential and Emma & Dan were really committed to training. Emma knew a little bit about clicker training, but as Dan was new to it, we all decided that it would be better starting from scratch, to make sure that the clicker mechanics were into place and clear, before we could start training. Bletchley picked up clicker training in no time at all, and over the weeks, we started teaching her all the basic manners, sit, down, recall, stay, polite walking on the lead, etc. I am very pleased to say that with all the time and commitment Emma and Dan have put in, Bletchley is responding extremely well to training and making a lot of progress and most important of all, is a very happy girl. 

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