Building the Confidence of Your Rescue Dog

Esme (Yorkshire Terrier) - April 2016
How to Build Up Confidence of a Rescue Dog

Why We Were Contacted?

Maria contacted us for a one 2 one session in order to help her with her two year old rescue Yorkshire Terrier, Esme. This poor little girl had not had the best of starts in life, as she was used for breeding on a puppy farm. Luckily for her, Maria rescued her and she is now a very happy little girl, with just a few issues to work on due to her past life.

How We Helped

When I arrived, Esme wasn’t sure of my presence in the house and kept hiding from me. All we knew was that Esme had only been used for breeding, and was never socialized and quite possibly ill treated too. No previous training, so couldn’t even sit on cue. I very slowly started gaining her trust by giving her few tiny bits of cheese that she eventually took out of my hand. I then explained to Esme’s mum & dad how to manage certain situations that Esme struggles with, but also, how they could use clicker training to help Esme with her trust issues. We conditioned her to the clicker and we then taught her how to sit on cue. She is such a bright little girl and her human parents are determined to do whatever it takes to help her out. As I said to them, with patience, love, and hard work, they will make a difference to her life.

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