Cavapoo Basic Dog Training

Sweetie (Cavapoo) - January 2016
Cavapoo Basic Dog Training

Why We Were Contacted?

I was contacted by Hayley for a one 2 one session with Sweetie. Sweetie is a lovely five month old Cavapoo with an amazing temperament. All Hayley needed was a little guidance on how to train Sweetie to do some of the basics, mainly 'recall' as she is keen on letting her pooch off the lead, so she can have some fun. Another slight concern was the fact that Sweetie likes to steal Hayley's young daughter's comfort blanket.

How We Helped

As Hayley wasn't familiar with clicker training, we started the session by explaining how and why it works, as well as making sure that we had high value reinforcers that Sweetie would be happy to work for. However, Sweetie has food allergies, so in this case we used the only treats that she is allowed to have. We then conditioned her to the clicker and started working on a behaviour she already new (sit) in order to practice clicker training and making it easier for everyone.. I then explained and demonstrated the behaviours we wanted to focus on that day.. We made sure that Hayley was comfortable practicing them and explained how to progress the exercises. Sweetie took to clicker like a duck to water and she was really enjoying herself. I am sure they will do both very well

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