Clicker Training a Puppy

Buttons (English Cocker) - January 2016
How to Clicker Train a Puppy

Why We Were Contacted?

We were contacted by Marianne soon after the arrival of her gorgeous English Cocker Spaniel, named Buttons, in order to have a series one 2 one sessions at their home. Marianne hadn’t had a dog for a long time and being very committed and dedicated she wanted to make sure that Buttons had the best possible start in terms of training, and for his mum to know how best to handle every day puppy issues, such as nipping, socialising in the right way, etc.

How We Helped

When I first met human mum and pup, I was very impressed to see how much hard work Marianne had put into toilet training Buttons and it showed. We then covered how to deal with the various puppy issues, and answered all of Marianne’s questions. On further visits we focused on introducing, first mum, and then Buttons, to clicker training. We practiced some basic training exercises, and they both did extremely well. Further visits were focused on learning new skills, as well as taking Buttons outside and practicing ‘recall’, ‘sit’ and ‘polite walking’ on the lead in a quiet location. I have no doubt that Buttons is going to be a very happy and loved pooch

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