Dog Training for a Chihuahua

Lola (Chihuahua) - January 2016

Why We Were Contacted?

I was contacted by Gary to have a one 2 one session with his recently adopted 11 months old Chihuahua Lola. Lola hasn't had the best start in life and had never been trained. Gary wanted to tach her a few basics as a starting point.

How We Helped

Gary had only had sweet Lola for a fews weeks when we had our first session. She has a lovely temperament but not having had the best start and not having been trained before, we had to take things slowly in order for her to feel comfortable. We introduced her to the clicker and did a couple of basic exercises with her, such as hand targeting and sit. Gary is currently working with her on generalising the sit and we look forward to seeing them again for more training in the near future.

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