Helping a Dog Cope with Strangers

Luna (Labradoodle) - October 2016
Helping a Dog Cope Better with Strangers

Why We Were Contacted?

Joanne contacted us to see whether we could help Luna, her miniature one-year-old Labradoodle to cope better with strangers in and outside the home. Luna started taking a dislike to strangers for no apparent reason, and this is sometimes the case. Luna sometimes barks at people and in the home would run away from them. It was Joanne’s priority to make Luna happier with strangers. Apart form that, she is a wonderful little girl.

How We Helped

I explained that we would start working with Luna in the home as a starting point, so I could guide Joanne on what to do when strangers would come. The idea behind this strategy was to show Luna that strangers are nothing to be worried about and to help her confidence. I went through how clicker training works and we started clicking and treating Luna for taking a step towards me. She soon understood that by coming close to me at her own pace, she would earn a click and a treat. I am thrilled to say that by the end of the session, she was pushing her head against my hand. It will take time and effort but I am confident that Luna will improve her confidence with the help of her wonderful mum. Our next step will be to work outside with her.


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