Helping First Time Dog Owners

Cookie (Pomeranian) - February 2016
Helping First Time Dog Owners

Why We Were Contacted?

We were contacted by Marco soon after the arrival of Cookie, a 10 week old Pomeranian. As first time owners, Marco & Magda were struggling mainly with toilet training, but wanted to do things right by Cookie and how to deal with issues such as nipping, biting and socialisation the little fellow appropriately. They also decided after my first visit, that they would like to start clicker training as soon as possible, teaching him a few basics, such as sit, recall and bed.

How We Helped

When I arrived I could clearly see how much Marco and Magda love Cookie, but I could also see the worried look on their faces worried faces on how to handle the different puppy issues in the correct. As a first time dog owner, this can be very daunting and a little bit of guidance and advice, can make feel owners reassured that all of these behaviours are normal puppy behaviours and when taught how to handle then, it is no longer so worrying. During my second visit, the improvement was obvious and they seemed a lot more relaxed about it all. I introduced Marco and Magda to the mechanics of clicker training.

As I started to introduce the clicker to Cookie, I realised after the first click that this little guy was an extremely bright Cookie! In all the one 2 ones I have gone to from the start of my career, never have I seen a dog understand so quickly how clicker training worked. In less than 5 minutes, the little fellow knew how to go to his bed. I was astonished I have to say. We then taught him to sit and the last behaviour we covered was recall.

Cookie has got a huge potential to be an amazingly trained dog and I am sure his owners will carry on with the training and have a happy, well behaved pup.

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