How to Improve a Dogs Confidence

Daisy (German Shepherd) - November 2015
German Shepherd dog training

Why We Were Contacted

Rachel contacted us to have a one 2 one session with her German Shepherd, Daisy. Daisy used to live with other dogs and since been the only dog in the home she struggled a bit with her confidence. She is quite wary of stranger coming in the house.

How We Helped

As Daisy and her family weren't familiar with clicker training, we explained the mechanics behind it and how it should be used appropriately. Then, we conditioned Daisy to the clicker so she could understand what the principle of clicker was. We practiced a behaviour that she already knew and reinforced it with clicker training. We then taught her to target our hand with her nose. This behaviour is very useful and versatile in day to day life, such as moving the fog from place to place, recall and many others, but in Daisy's case, it as all about building her confidence. The first step is for Daisy to become very reliable with the behaviour, it will help her greet people in her home by doing a touch on visitors hands and that will earn her a click and a treat, this will make her more confident by realising that there is nothing to be worried about.

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