How to Manage a Puppy

Dylan (Zuchon) - December 2015
How to manage a Zuchon puppy

Why We Were Contacted?

I was contacted by Marianne and Paul in order to have a one 2 one session before starting one of our puppy courses. Dylan is a lovely Zuchon and their first dog, so they wanted to make sure that Dylan had the best start in life by knowing how to handle day to day puppy issues and do it in a reward based manner.

How We Helped

Marianne & Paul had prepared a list of questions, which is always a great idea and I encourage owners to do, as it is easy to miss something out. We went through most of the puppy issues such as toilet training, nipping and biting, socialisation, crate training, etc, which can be quite daunting for new owners. No only that, but with so much information on the Internet, some good and some extremely bad, it is hard to know what to do. By the end of the session I had to happy and relieved owners knowing that how  Dylan was behaving was just how puppies behave and most importantly, being able handle the situation accordingly.

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