How to Stop a Puppy from Biting

Nico (Staffie) - March 2016
How to Stop a Puppy from Biting

Why We Were Contacted?

We were contacted by Charlotte to give some advice on a couple of puppy issues and putting some basic training into place for very cute 14 week old Staffie, Nico. Charlotte’s main concern was the biting and nipping, and how to deal with it in an appropriate and efficient manner. She also wanted Nico to listen to her more when doing basic training, and work on his recall to make sure that she could trust him when out and about.

How We Helped

Charlotte had already done an amazing job with Nico and just needed a little guidance from me. I showed Charlotte what to when Nico started nipping and biting, by redirecting his behaviour onto something he could actually bite, such as a chew or a toy. Nico was very easy to redirect but should that not work, I also explained that waking away from him for a few seconds, would have the messaged delivered loud and clear. However, in order for this to be efficient, one has to be consistent, and do this as many times as necessary. I also explained that Nico was teething and gave Charlotte a few tips on how to alleviate the pain.

We then introduced Nico to clicker training and started working on his recall by teaching him to target our hand with his nose. I showed Charlotte what to do, and explained how to progress the exercise step by step.

Nico is a lovely pup and with a little bit of work, will become a well mannered, happy dog.

Item Reviews

The training worked on Nico,

The training worked on Nico, his call back has worked every single time I have needed to use it. Nico is now a very stocky, friendly & beautiful 10 month old. Many thanks for all the help. Charlotte

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