How Targeting Can Help when Recalling Your Dog

Tilly (Malinois) - April 2016
How Targeting Can Help with Recalling a Dog

Why We Were Contacted?

Julian & Del contacted us for a one 2 one session with Tilly, their lovey Malinois, adopted from Leicester Animal Aid about a year ago. Tilly is a lovely girl but is not too keen on other dogs, so that was Julian & Del's priority. They also wanted to improve her recall.

How We Helped

The first step was for me to find out as much information as possible about Tilly's history brut also and most importantly, understand in as much details as possible what her reaction was (lunging, barking, etc) when meeting other dogs, as well as her body language, that always a valuable source of information. We put a plan together on how to help Tilly when encountering other dogs and how for Del & Julian to manage the situation. Now they have a lot the tools they need to start working with Tilly. We also taught Tilly to target (nose to hand) to help with recall. It is work in progress, but I am sure Julian & Del are totally committed in helping Tilly. These things take time and can't be overcome in the blink of an eye, and sometimes, you have to accept your dog's limitations and learn to live with them.


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