Puppy Springer Spaniel Training

Sky (Springer Spaniel) - August 2016
Puppy Springer Spaniel Training

Why We Were Contacted?

Katrina and Tom contacted us, as they wanted to work on a couple of behaviours with their eight months old Springer Spaniel Sky, before they joined our Junior/Adult Beginners classes. They wanted a head start to give Sky the best possible chance to be a well mannered girl before a new puppy join their family in a couple of months. An important point for Katrina and Tom was also for Sky not to jump up at people when out and about due to her friendliness and excitement.

How We Helped

We discussed what Katrina and Tom’s priorities were in terms of training and we agreed on focusing on ‘recall’ and ‘polite walking on the lead’. We first explained the basics of clicker training and starting working soon after that. Sky is a very smart and focused dog despite her young age and towards the end of the session, we were even able to take polite walking to the front of the house with a few more distractions. Being out was also for us the opportunity to practiced how to focus Sky onto mum and dad whilst out, rather than her jumping up at passer-byes. Now Katrina and Tom have all the tools they need to start working with lovely Sky.


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