Resolving Lead Pulling and Jumping

Buddy (Samoyed) - October 2015
How to resolve lead pulling and jumping

Why We Were Contacted

Donna contacted us for an initial one 2 one session for Buddy, a beautiful Samoyed aged 12-15 months old, that the family had recently adopted. Buddy was brought in from Ireland with no history. He had a couple of issues that needed to be addressed, such as pulling on the lead, and jumping up. Donna also wanted to also discuss the possibility of enrolling Buddy in TD Rally classes in order for him to burn some energy doing something fun.

How We Helped

We starting by addressing the 'jumping' issue. It is a common occurrence for owners to inadvertently reinforcing the behaviour you want to stop by either pushing the dog down, or saying 'down'. Giving 'negative 'attention is still reinforcing to the dog, so it is either ignore and reward good behaviour such as four paws on the floor or teach an incompatible behaviour such as 'sit'.  We then introduced Donna and Duncan to clicker training, explaining how it works and why it works. We then conditioned Buddy to the clicker and started working with him. He took to it extremely quickly and loved every minute of the training session. We taught him 'targeting' (nose touch to hand) in order to start working on recall which was something Donna was very keen to teach Buddy. We are aiming to teach Buddy the basics over a couple more sessions and that will allow him to join us at TD Rally.

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