Teaching a Dog Good Manners

Amber (Cockapoo) - March 2016
How to teach a dog good manners

Why We Were Contacted?

Hayley contacted is us originally to enrol her 5 months old Cockapoo Amber into our Junior/Adult Beginners course, but due to work commitment, it would have been quite difficult for her to attend all the sessions, so we decided to go down the route of a one 2 one session. All Hayley wanted was for her dog to have manners and be a well behaved, happy dog.

How We Helped

When I arrived, Amber was a little shy, barking and cowering behind her mum. I explained that there was no point forcing Amber to come towards me and left her the choice of when to approach me. In the meantime, we had a chat about nipping and biting and the best way to teach Amber to be left on her own. After about 20 minutes, she started to relax, came and had a sniff and we were able to introduce clicker training, to dog and owner. Hayley’s first priority was for Amber to learn to walk well on the lead. I explained and demonstrated and then Hayley took over, and did a very good job of it. I made sure that she was happy on how to carry on with what to do after I went, and I have no doubt she will work hard and succeed.

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