Teaching Dogs Advanced Skills

Buttons (Cocker Spaniel) - June 2016
Teaching Dogs Advanced Skills

Why We Were Contacted?

Marianne contacted us to book a couple of one 2 one sessions with English Cocker Spaniel, Buttons. We have known Buttons since Marianne first go him at eight weeks old, as she wanted to do right by him and give him the best start in life possible. We had four one 2 ones, then they joined our puppy and Improvers courses. Marianne is such a committed and dedicated owner, it is wonderful to see, and Buttons is an amazingly well behaved little guy. Now Buttons knows all the basics, Marianne wanted to teach him a few tricks involving more advanced training techniques.

How We Helped

Marianne and Buttons have come such a long way that the time was right for both of them to take training to a new height. We started teaching him to hold an item in his mouth on cue, so Marianne could then work on him dropping a ring on an upright pole. We then taught him to put his front paws onto a low stool, or anything similar on cue. This will help us towards other behaviours such as skate boarding. Buttons is such a smart little guy that he picked it up really quickly, as you can see from the picture. Marianne will be working on it for the next few weeks until our next session when we will teach Buttons some other fun stuff. Can’t wait!


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