Teaching Your Dog Recall

Max (Beagle) - September 2015
Teaching a dog recall

Why We Were Contacted

Rebecca contacted us, wanting a one 2 one session, as she was having problems with lovely Max's recall. Max is a four year old Beagle, and he is getting restricted to lead walking, as his mum doesn't trust that he will come back when called, so the whole family can enjoy him off lead, and Max gets to run around and have fun!

How We Helped

As Max had not been clicker trained before, the first step was to introduce him & his mum to the clicker. After Rebecca felt comfortable with clicker mechanics, and Max got conditioned to the clicker, we taught him to touch our hand with his nose (the technical word for this is targeting), which he learnt to do pretty quickly. He was enjoying the training immensely. We then put a word to this behaviour that, in his case, we were purely going to use for 'recall' purposes. Like any behaviour you teach dogs, you start of in a very low distraction environment and very slowly build up into a more challenging g environments. I left Rebecca with all the tools she needed to practice, and I am sure she will do very well.

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