Training an Adopted Dog

Benji (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) - April 2016
Training an Adopted Dog

Why We Were Contacted?

Stephanie contacted us for a one 2 one session, after she recently adopted Benji, a three year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Benji’s previous owners had spoilt him a little bit too much and he never learnt to work to earn a reinforcer (reward). He is a very laid back little guy with a fantastic temperament. Stephanie just wanted him to be a happy chap but with a couple of basics, especially a solid recall, so she could let him off the lead in the future. 


How We Helped

We started by talking about Benji’s diet, as he had previously been fed mainly on human food. The vet advised that he should lose a couple of kilograms and this was causing a few problems, as Benji wasn’t too keen on dog food, understandably so. However, I gave Stephanie a few tips on how to make meal times more interesting for him. We then introduced the whole family to clicker training and Benji seemed to be wondering why, all of a sudden, he had to actually work for us to earn a tasty treat. I realised then that training would have to be taken slowly. We worked on recall and look at me, two very useful behaviours when out and about. I am sure that Stephanie will put the necessary work into helping Benji achieve a good recall at his own pace..


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