Training to Become a PAT Dog

Daisy (Golden Retriever) - August 2016
Training to Become a PAT Dog

Why We Were Contacted?

Ken contacted us for a one 2 one with 18 months old Golden Retriever Daisy, in order to work through the requirements of becoming a PAT (Pet As Therapy), so she would be able to pass her assessment and become a lovely working dog. I had worked with Daisy when she was a puppy also on a one 2 one basis at Ken & Tina’s home where we taught her all the basics, using clicker training, so this visit was more of a refresher and making sure that she was capable of doing what was required

How We Helped

I hadn’t seen Daisy and Ken for quite a while and didn’t know how much work they had invested in her training after my visits. I was absolutely delighted to see what a lovely dog Daisy had become. With all the basics under her belt and an amazing temperament, I knew there and then that the assessment would be a walk in the park. We went through each exercise and tested her several times in different environments. Polite walking on the lead, being handled and petted, to wait patiently whilst humans have a chat, not being startled by a falling object, such as a walking stick, etc. When I left, Ken was going to phone up and organise Daisy’s assessment. I don’t doubt for a moment that Ken and Daisy will be a great team and will be fantastic working together helping the community.


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