Training First Time Dog Owners

Derrick(Labrador) - November 2016
Training First Time Dog Owners

Why We Were Contacted?

Lisa contacted us, as her and her family were first time owners and wanted to make sure that they were to right by Derrick, a beautiful Labrador puppy. It is always a pleasure to attend sessions when the whole family is committed and wanting to put the hard work in.

How We Helped

We spent the first session, going through all the different puppy issues and how to deal with them kindly and efficiently. We covered socialisation, nipping and biting, toilet training, crate training, food and toys. The second session was spent focusing on the training side of things. We went through the importance of using clicker training efficiently from a human perspective and then we taught Derrick how much fun it was to clicker train. We taught him the basics and now this lovely family have got all the tools they need to start training this beautiful boy and have a wonderful relationship and tons of fun.

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