Our Dogs

As owner and dog trainer of Watch my Chops Dog Training I (Liliana) would like to introduce you to my lovely pooches, who have all played a big part on my journey in becoming a dog trainer.

At present, I am the very proud mum to Susie, Kevin and Jasmine. Let me tell you a bit about them.

'Sweet' Susie:

German Shepherd Cross Susie

She is a beautiful 9 to 10 years old German Shepherd cross, who we have had for almost six years now. She has probably played the biggest part in my change of career. She was found pregnant on the street, had her pups in a foster home and went back to kennels. That is when our paths crossed and when my life changed. Susie had several issues, as well as being a very worried girl and not having owned a rescue dog before threw my world upside down. I didn't know what to do. Not knowing any better, I turned for help and came across the old fashioned world of pack leadership, using one fit all approach, no matter what the issue was and being quite harsh in the way of training. I was horrified and very doubtful to think that this way of training would help my mutt. There had to be another way, a better way. So I started doing some research and came across the scientific world of reward based training. I was hooked and Susie started to love training and her confidence started to shine through. By then I knew that I wanted to become a dog trainer to make sure owners would be the right approach to dog training.thank you Susie!

'Terrabyte' Kevin:

Pomeranian Cross Chihauhau Kevin

He is a three year old Pomeranian cross Chihuahua and this poor little guy started his life as a Christmas present for kids who, without parental guidance abused it so badly that all he learnt was that human beings are a very nets species who hurt animals. His only way to respond was to bite, so they got rid of him. He went into kennels and was scooter again, but due to his severe aggression issues had to returned. I then saw his picture online and when I saw the look of terror on his little face, I decided that I would try and help him. I can easily say that Kevin has been by far the most challenging dog I have ever owned. It has been really tough and more than once, I have wanted to throw in the towel. On the positive side, you little guy has taught me more than I could ever learn from a book. Despite his many issues, he is an extremely smart little guy and loves training. He became my canine training partner when I trained to become a Karen Pryor Academy certified Training Partner.

'Joyous' Jasmine:

Terrier Cross Jasmine

She is a 6 year old scruffy terrier mutt. She joined our family in 2015 after her owner was immigrating and was unable take her with him. Her temperament is amazing, she loves people and dogs. Like any terrier she can be wilful at times but we love her for it. When I met her, I thought that she could be Kevin's best buddy and help him see the early through different eyes. I am over the moon to say that I was right, and despite the fact that Kevin will always be a fearful dog, the change in him since having Jazz has been astonishing. They are a little double act, play tirelessly and have most definitely become best friends. It makes my heart sing. Thank you Jazz.


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Invaluable Advice

After reading this page about your dogs and calling Liliana at Watch my Chops yesterday i got in touch with the Poodle Rescue people, who sent adoption forms, which I returned. Early evening they telephoned and asked if I would like a 13 year old boy, who had lost his Mum. They are bringing him down on Saturday and we are going for a walk round the park and I get a home check. I am so glad I spoke to Liliana and read her online articles - it really gave me confidence and made me realise that sometimes you just have to go for it! Thank you so much X - Lynn Marsh

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