Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner

Continued professional development is important is most professions however its even more important in the dog training world. This profession has moved on from the harsh dominance practices of pack leadership, sadly still practiced by some today, onto proven science based techniques of reward based training.

Because of this and my love of dogs I take my dog training very seriously and to that end i have made sure i have qualified myself in a number of areas to support the best possible training i could give to you and your dog/s.

  • Winner Best Sole Trader of the Year

    Winner Best Sole Trader of the Year

    We are so proud to have won the Best Trader of the Year at the Corby Awards 2016. It really means al ot fo Watch my Chops and its something we could not have done without our customers. Let's hope this is a start of many other awards.

  • Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner

    Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner Certification

    This certificate achieved with ‘distinction’ is the one I am most proud of. This professional dog trainer programme by the Karen Academy is an intensive six months course based on practical and theory course work, high level training sessions with your own dog and another species, as well as attending regular workshops where all your knowledge is tested in depth. In order to obtain certification, all trainers have to go through a gruelling two day exam. I have and always will continue with my Professional Development in order to always be at the top of my game.

  • Dog Training Instructor

    APDT Dog Training Instructor Certification

    I am very proud of this dog training certificate, as this was my first achievement in terms of certification at a professional level, back in 2013. Run by APDT-UK (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) the course entailed, theoretical work, as well as practical assessments and the completion of a numbers of essays, all of which need to be passed in order to obtain the certificate. This course is also accredited by the 'Open College Network'. It is a 'must' however, for all dog trainers, to pursue their continuous professional development, in order to be up to date with new training techniques and to always better themselves.

  • Member for the Pet Professional Guild

    Member for the Pet Professional Guild

    The Pet Professional Guild is the Association for Force-free Pet Professionals. In order to become a member, you must be able to prove that your training methods are all force-free and based of positive reinforcement.