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Fun and Learning? Surely Not.

Improvers Course

Bertie and I had lots of fun on this course so you would think that not much progress was made on the learning front. It couldn't be further from the truth. We both learnt lots because Liliana is just amazing with her approach. Classes are small and friendly too so we always looked forward to them. Thanks Liliana for getting this force free training out there, with all the learning and insight involved.

Happy owners, happy puppy


We opted for one-to one training for our 5 month old smooth collie, as he is very car sick, but weren't entirely convinced clicker training was what we wanted - how wrong we were. During the 1st session, we had covered the "sit" and "come", the 2nd session covered loose lead walking, and preventing a very bouncy puppy leaping at everyone. Lilli is a great trainer who obviously loves dogs, and understood our need to have a well-behaved dog, but just as importantly a happy dog, and he happily looks forward to his training at home with us. Lilli listened to all our concerns, and tailored the training to the things which were most important to us. If you want the best training for your dog, this is the place to go, and I couldn't recommend Lilli highly enough, she is very professional, friendly and non-judgemental, and was keen to let us know we could give her a call if we had any concerns.

Thank you

Junior/Adult Beginners

We have just completed our junior/adult beginners course. What a great time we had. Skye our 8 month Cockapoo has enjoyed every minute and learnt loads. As have all the others on the course, well done Ronnie, Buddy and Paddy. Well done humans too. Thank you Lilliana and for the laughs along the way. Will see you in the future at another course. Elaine x

A Great Support!

Junior/Adult Beginners

We found this course perfect, it was just what we we needed. We really enjoyed learning about clicker training and we saw results immediately. We have been able to complete more training situations using this method, which has been brilliant. Liliana was wonderful, very friendly, very approachable and showed us all a great deal of support. We loved it so much we signed up to two more courses :)
Thank you for your hard work and dedication Liliana,
Kindest regards - Lyndsey & Barry
Licks from Cash

Dexter - so glad we joined the course

Puppy Course

Dexter's walking better on lead with clicker training, so glad we joined course Looking forward to next course

What an experience!

Junior/Adult Beginners

Liliana came into my life when I rescued a small staffy girl, I renamed Ruby. I have always owned cats but longed for a little dog, so after I sadly lost my last cat this summer I took the step. Boy did I need help! I contacted Liliana and had two 1- 2-1's, as when I walked Ruby she was soooo distracted by other dogs making walking her stressful. I signed up for a jnr/beginners course which we have just completed, and passed....woohoo!! Such a fun time, and Ruby and I will continue to practice what Liliana has taught us. I found the hand outs she passed round each week invaluable, I've been able to go over the instructions in my own time to make sure I carry on teaching Ruby correctly. Liliana is so approachable and I loved her wicked sense of humour, humour you defo need training your pooch. I still haven't let Ruby off the lead as I'm still unsure what would happen if she took a dislike to a dog that came bounding up to her, so will not take that chance, as yet that is! She does have a training lead which allows her freedom to chase her squeaky balls, which are like kryptonite to her, so we're getting there. Liliana, from Ruby and myself a huge, huge thank you.

Fantastic tips and advice!


A big thank you! Following our two 121 sessions we've practised the various techniques with Winston, whilst he's far from perfect he's improved massively with time I am convinced he'll improve further. He's still a thief but we are able to get him to drop whatever it is he's stolen, without a 20 minute chase around the garden ending with a totally destroyed item. Walking on the lead is improving too, we're not confident enough to allow him off the lead yet but maybe sometime in the future. Overall a much happier and more relaxed household so thank you x

Big thank you

Puppy Course

We're very happy how much we have learnt! Super fun, and you will be hearing from us in the future. I would totally recommend Liliana Harberd, she is brilliant, with and all dogs ages/breeds. Thanks again

Thoroughly Recommended

Junior/Adult Beginners

Having just completed a course with our overexcited Border Terrier I must say that even the smallest of tips Lilly gave made large improvements in Scruffy's behaviour. He is walking very well to heel and loved working during the classes. Thoroughly recommended.

We had a great one 2 one


We had a great one 2 one training session with our dog Percy. He barks at strangers in and outside the house. Watch my Chops came and did two sessions with us. Firstly working on him inside our home and then secondly out on a walk. We have already seen an improvement using the clicker training and we have so many new ideas on how to help Percy overcome his nervousness. Such a helpfull experience.