Video Tutorials

Here you'll find a list of our dog training video tutorials and radio interviews.

To see any of our videos click on the image shown and your video will open up in a new window, ready for your to just hit play.

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  • How to Choose a Good Dog Trainer

    How to Choose a Good Dog Trainer

    Here are some clients of Watch my Chops explaining from their own personal experience whart you should be looking for when choosing a dog trainer.

  • Why & How Clicker Training Works - Radio Interview

    Why & How Clicker Training Works - Radio Interview

    Liliana talks to BBC Radio Northampton's Bernie Keith on his morning show, with his dog Riley.

    She discusses her new Karen Prior Academy training qualification which has allowed to now become a KPA certifieid training partner,  the recent Rothwell Craft Fair she attended and the dog rescue story she got involved in, and the 2nd K9 Celebration being held in Great Oakley on 4th July 2015.

  • Video Testimonials

    Video Testimonials

    Take a look at this video showing a small seleciton of our clients and their views on why they chose Watch my Chops Dog Training, the methods used and what they have learnt whilst with us.

  • Big Ears Dog Toy

    Big Ears Dog Toy

    These big ear dog toys were so popular we ran out within a few weeks. However if you are interested after watching this video please do drop us an email via our contact us form